JBM Cleaning And Supply Company

The history of The JBM Cleaning And Supply Company, also known as "JBM", is not a story of wishful thinking and fortunate circumstances. It is a story of hard work, dedication, and experience.


Patrick Leslie started his cleaning business back in 1975, with modest means and humble beginnings. It was his determination and customer satisfaction that pushed him to grow his business and expand the scope of its work. In 1991, he incorporated into The JBM Cleaning and Supply Company, where until this day, he serves as President. This allowed him to expand the business' services and that is how JBM became the one-stop shopping company it is known to be today. 


Over the years, he built a team of expertly trained and hard working team members that helped make this company a success. With them by his side, JBM has worked on just about every type of commercial cleaning work imaginable. From small offices to large newly constructed facilities, JBM has cleaned it all. Daily and weekly cleaning is a JBM staple, but there is so much more this company offers. Carpets, floors, windows, spring cleaning, and handyman services are what distinguish The JBM Cleaning and Supply Company from its competition. Now serving the greater Canton, Ohio and Akron, Ohio areas, JBM is ready to help your business success by providing a clean, orderly and sanitary work environment.


We invite you to see for yourself why JBM is the best option for you!    




Our mission is to help your business succeed by providing a clean, sanitary, and organized work environment for you and your employees.

"Thanks so much for the excellent service you provide us, and all the extra cleaning. The building "shines" for our dedication because of your hard work!

---- Rhoda, Canton, OH


"Roger's repair is amazing...several of us were arguing over where the burned (carpet) spot was...Now that is a good repair! Please tell Roger, and thank you for getting this repair done in quick time. We appreciate it.

---- JLA, Canton, OH

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